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Experience that supports us.

Ekthesis Ltd was founded in 1990. Three professionals in the fields of Tourism, Marketing and Architecture & Design have united their knowledge, strengths and talents to establish a successful company in the Stand Construction industry.

The seat of the company is in Pieterlen by Biel in Kanton Bern, an ideally strategic point from which we can serve Switzerland, as well as other European countries, i.e. France, Germany, Italy, Spain etc. We do have also branch office in GREECE from where we operate in south Europe.

Our business philosophy is to offer to our clients a complete exhibition service, so that they will be able to concentrate uninstructed to their main work before, during and after the exhibition.

Starting from the advising, planning, administrative procedures, construction, until the event management, decoration, catering, on site technical support and storage, Ekthesis Expo GmbH offers over one decade, full exhibitions services and has successfully completed numerous projects and contracts.


Products and construction systems for each project.

We use a variety of all the well known-construction systems such as SYMA, Octanorm, Meroform and others which linked together with the wooden elements, put under the correct lighting and combined with the appropriate graphic solutions, canvassing units and finishing’s, appeal to the clients as real Jewell’s!


Happy Customers Trust Us

30 years working projects with many private and government clients. We always offer a complete exhibition service.

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